Pieces of the Week

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This week we are showcasing the work of three of our artists:  Sarah Carlson, Jill Hermans and Sarah Murphy.  All three were part of  the Embark exhibition which closed on Saturday.

Sarah Carlson – Autumn Trees 2012

For Sarah, making is an opportunity to create a dialogue between the original plants, herself as the maker and the future wearer.  She captures the plant’s poetic characteristic and fixes it in a state of being, while the living original continues to grow and change.

Jill Hermans – Shibuichi Brooch 2012

Jill is currently occupied with the Japanese alloy shibuichi, and the Japanese ideals of beauty and truth that seem to click so well with this rich material.  By juxtaposing simple shapes and forms with rich and intricate surface colours and textures, she is able to create a balance between simplicity and complexity.

Sarah Murphy – Constellation 2012

This body of work is inspired by Sarah’s fascination for astronomy; not to push back the boundaries of knowledge but to contemplate the discovery of new worlds.  “I trace my finger across the skies, following familiar constellations, searching for new ones.  Knowing that somewhere out there, the tiniest fleck of light, 45 million light years away, comprises billions of suns and planets not yet connected with our imaginary lines.”