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Piece of the Week

Piece of the week – Angela Bakker

Finding Balance 2012

Currently showing in the Embark exhibition until the 7th of April, this work is a must see.

Angela has skillfully hand raised these seemingly simple fine silver vessels in a way which defies gravity.  Each piece balances delicately on the edge of it’s own perspex plinth.  A clever metaphor for her own life and the need to find balance between the busy demands of a young family with her work as an artist.

Piece of the Week

Kath Inglis - Waterhole Cuff

Our Piece of the Week Waterhole Cuff is a fantastic example of the vibrant and energetic work produced by Adelaide based maker Kath Inglis.

 For ten years her practise has focussed on the manipulation and transformation of the commonplace material, Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), into the precious. The material is initially coloured then small pieces are removed from the surface through a process of hand cut incisions and carved patterns. Transformed from its prosaic ‘natural’ state, this new material glitters with a play of light and reflection.

Piece of the Week

Brigitte Enders Wapengo Series

A reminder of the Snippet Exhibition that we had late October last year

featuring Brigitte Enders beautiful Wapengo series of bronze castings.

Our piece of the week highlights Brigitte Enders renowned mastery of bronze surface patination.

Come in to see the few pieces that we have left! 

Piece of the Week

Correa Leaves, by Sarah Carlson

Piece Of The Week

Klaus Moje  Roll Up

Klaus Moje Roll Up

All I Want … Pieces of the Week

Shadow Necklace

by Tanja Taglietti

Silver Brooch

by Alison Jackson

Melbourne Boys – Piece of the Week

‘Weeping Mountain’ Brooch

by Nicholas Bastin

Filigree to Flora – Pieces of the Week

Pieces from Ximena and Vicki in the current exhibition, Filigree to Flora. On display until September 24.

The work of these two artists is technically very different, yet they are both inspired by the details of nature.

Vicki Mason, The Entangled Garden, 2011. Brooches: powder coated brass and sterling silver, hand-dyed PVC, polyester thread, cotton interfacing

For Vicki Mason this is the native flora of Australia, the motifs and decorative shapes inspired by these plants and rendered in unexpected materials including PVC and cotton.

Ximena Briceno, Bay of Fires III, 201i. Brooch: titanium filigree laser welded

Ximena looks to the undulating forms of the landscape and the fauna of Australia for her inspiration. These views are then reproduced using ancient filigree patterning with modern materials and techniques, resulting in the highly intricate and painstakingly produced laser welded titanium filigree.