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BILK ON TOUR – Opening at Incinerator Art Space, Willoughby NSW

Exhibition – Rings – 24th August-28th September

Come and join us for a drink on Friday 24th August to celebrate this exciting new exhibition.


Contained – Carlier Makigawa

Carlier Makigawa on Contained:

I return to a path, keep moving and observing, surprised by the apparently effortless way that life moves and grows. It is a revelation, this natural and unplanned growth; this movement through space of energy to organise a system that drives outward, arranging itself into a previously non-existent structure.

I try to draw this in essence, re-building and reaching for a connection.

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Exhibition – Contained – 13th July-17th August

We are very pleased to have Carlier Makigawa – a good friend and colleague, as well as an internationally renowned artist – exhibiting here at Bilk.

Exhibition – In Light of Shadows

Bring on the boys!

Get excited ladies (and gentleman!), because Bilk is hosting an exhibition of some of Melbourne’s best male jewellers opening this Friday 30 September.

The ANU School of Art Gold and Silver Raffle will also be drawn at the opening, so it will be your last chance to buy a ticket and have the chance of winning one of two handcrafted necklaces.

There’s so much happening, what’s not to be excited about? Hope to see you all on Friday!

Filigree to Flora – Pieces of the Week

Pieces from Ximena and Vicki in the current exhibition, Filigree to Flora. On display until September 24.

The work of these two artists is technically very different, yet they are both inspired by the details of nature.

Vicki Mason, The Entangled Garden, 2011. Brooches: powder coated brass and sterling silver, hand-dyed PVC, polyester thread, cotton interfacing

For Vicki Mason this is the native flora of Australia, the motifs and decorative shapes inspired by these plants and rendered in unexpected materials including PVC and cotton.

Ximena Briceno, Bay of Fires III, 201i. Brooch: titanium filigree laser welded

Ximena looks to the undulating forms of the landscape and the fauna of Australia for her inspiration. These views are then reproduced using ancient filigree patterning with modern materials and techniques, resulting in the highly intricate and painstakingly produced laser welded titanium filigree.

V n X Filigree to Flora – works by Vicki Mason & Ximena Briceno

VnX Filigree to Flora – works by Vicki Mason & Ximena Briceno

An inspiring collection of works formed by artists Vicki Mason and Ximena Briceno through traditional and contemporary techniques to express feelings of identity, origin and migration.

Vicky Mason’s pieces combine three different strands of research, from the decorative motifs of Australian colonial jewellery, to the chinoiserie motifs used on ironstone china and local endemic plants from south-east Melbourne.

Vicky continues to be enthralled by plants as a subject matter and stories they tell about our lives and the societies. Her pieces are a way of embracing the decorative nature of plant forms of Australia and their imported origins to tell a personal story. This story speaks to ideas associated with migration, complexity, abundance, diversity, identity, hybridity and belonging through a vocabulary of ornamental plant forms.

Ximena Briceño tells another story, one that looks to explore the historical practice of filigree and the use of 21st century technologies.

Her pieces challenge our concept of filigree as she creates three-dimensional drawings using non-traditional materials such as titanium, monel, and silver. Ximena’s silver filigree objects and jewellery have a layered complex history involving trade, migration, and a visual vocabulary of patterns.

Her titanium filigree is  contemporary filigree for the 21st century, through the application of new materials like titanium, and processes like laser welding and anodising, to create the pieces.  The filigree works are ‘metal lace-like’ three-dimensional drawings.’

Last days for Miniature Glass

Calling all glass lovers! Last days to catch the work of Jacqueline Knight, Matt Curtis, Brian Corr, Mikki Trail, Scott Chaseling and Mel George. In Canberra and in Miniature closes next week on July 15. If you need some encouragement have a peruse of Kerry-Anne Cousins review of the exhibition in The Canberra Times (click to enlarge).

in Canberra & in Miniature exhibition review, The Canberra Times, 5th July 2011

Congratulations go to Ximena

A special congratulations to one of the Bilk artists, Ximena Natanya Briceño.

Ximena has just completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Gold + Silversmithing at the Australian National University.

There will be an exhibition and reception at the ANU School of Art on Thursday 23 June at 6pm.

Her body of work features stunning filigree pieces using a variety of metals and both modern methods and ancient techniques.

Her body of research investigates the history of Spanish colonialism in Asia and the New World focusing on the introduction of the filigree technique in Peru after 1532 and the iconographic migration through Spanish trade routes across the Pacific of Asian techniques and motifs.

We urge you to attend; it’s sure to be brilliant.