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In Light of Shadows – Erika Gaggia

Irregular works to fix on the wall to use as necklace island; inspired by the maps and contours of the Sicilian islands from which I borrowed their names. A created topography of necklace islands – as if they were floating in the sea, casting unexpected shadows and changing like the tides.”

A chat with artist Erika Gaggia:

Water, heat and long summer light make me happy. What better way to celebrate this than creating a portable island paradise? Something to look at, something to dream about during the long cold winters, something to play with, something to talk about. The warmth of wood against an array of colours …
And so the “island hangars” were born, hovering on the wall, casting shadows throughout the day and the night. 

Many thanks to Walter Fiorini, Walter Pontiggia, and Francesca Maglia for helping me to fabricate the pieces.


Exhibition – In Light of Shadows