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In Light of Shadows – Tanja Taglietti, Enrico Taglietti & Brett Lowe

More work from our current exhibition In Light of Shadows:

Wood Shadows Series – Tanja Taglietti

Architect Enrico Taglietti’s life journey has been a continual discovery of invisible cities and the power of light.

Vuoto – Enrico Taglietti

“For me, after forty years, the light, the challenge of the emptiness and the relationship with the fragility of this ancient land are still reasons for my profound attraction to this country.”

L Box 3 – Brett Lowe

Architect Brett Lowe is inspired by the challenge of sculpting beautiful shapes to achieve a sense of timelessness.

“For this exhibition, sculpted forms are objects in their own right – whether a support for another object or not – capturing the dynamic moment between the complete and the incomplete.”

Exhibition – In Light of Shadows