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Marian Hosking @ Galerie Ra

One of Bilk’s  artists, Marian Hosking has an exhibition coming up at Galerie Ra in the Netherlands. This exhibition will feature vessels by Marian and jewellery by Laura Deakin.

Marian Hosking is the Head of the Department of Metal and Jewellery at Monash University, Melbourne. Laura was one of her students and has since also trained at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich, where she graduated last year.

Marian Hosking, vessel, silver

For vessels Marian has made small boxes, each box then has a lid which doubles as a brooch. These multi-purpose decorative objects in pure and oxidised silver are sometimes combined with wood, bone and mother of pearl as well as found plants and objects to create distinct and memorable works of art. Inspired by Australian flora, Marian recreates wattle, banksia and eucalyptus among others. Her representations of typical Australian botanicals causes the viewer to look more closely at our unique landscape and appreciate the complexities and beauty of individual specimens.

Marian Hosking, brooches, oxidised silver

Congratulations to Marian, vessels is sure to be an inspiring and exciting exhibition.

If you’re not familiar with Marian’s work, be sure to pop into the Bilk Gallery and have a look. It’s definitely worth the trip!

Congratulations go to Ximena

A special congratulations to one of the Bilk artists, Ximena Natanya Briceño.

Ximena has just completed her Doctor of Philosophy in Gold + Silversmithing at the Australian National University.

There will be an exhibition and reception at the ANU School of Art on Thursday 23 June at 6pm.

Her body of work features stunning filigree pieces using a variety of metals and both modern methods and ancient techniques.

Her body of research investigates the history of Spanish colonialism in Asia and the New World focusing on the introduction of the filigree technique in Peru after 1532 and the iconographic migration through Spanish trade routes across the Pacific of Asian techniques and motifs.

We urge you to attend; it’s sure to be brilliant.

Top work Melissa Cameron!

Congratulations to Melissa Cameron, one of Bilk Gallery’s jewellers, who has just been awarded the top silversmithing prize at the Buda Contemporary Silver and Metalwork Exhibition. She recieved the THE ART CENTRE AWARD, for excellence in silver design, craftsmanship and originality by an artist inspired by, or interpreting, any branch of Australian performing arts.

Melissa’s work, The RavensandThe Fishes was inspired by the haunting, loquacious songs O’Malley’s Bar and Breathless by Nick Cave. The Art Centre Award is an $8000 prize, plus acquisition by the Arts Centre in Melbourne.

Melissa Cameron, The Ravens and The Fishes, 2011

The Buda Contemporary Silver and Metalwork Exhibition continues until June 19 at Buda Historic Home and Garden in Castlemaine. So if you are in the area make sure to check it out. But if you are in Canberra, drop by Bilk Gallery to see some of Melissa’s work from before she was famous, we’ve known how great she is for awhile now!

In addition to that exciting news (if that weren’t enough!), Melissa has also made it through initial selection to the object jury round of the BKV Prize for young applied artists, in Germany. Congratulations and good luck from everyone at Bilk!