‘An Arc of Crockery’ a retro perspective by Marcus Foley

by bilkgallery



Ever since my spontaneous decision, made leaning over a rubbish bin, to not put my wife’s favourite green dinner plate I’d just dropped and shattered whilst distractedly drying it with a tea towel, in that bin, but instead think, “hmm, I could make a ring with that” I have a found a use for any number of broken plates and not all of them broken by me. I love that something we all would normally throw out can, with careful selection and patience be given a second life for someone to wear as a piece of jewellery. When framed in silver or gold the shard is somehow honoured and enriched in a way that is almost transformative. The colours, patterns, inherent curvature of the plate or bowl and even the crackle in the glaze are considered and lend inspiration to what the jewellery piece will become. – Marcus Foley 2013