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chain chain Chained @ BIlk

Thirteen Australian artists interpretation of “The Chain”

Movement, articulation and a nod to the historical reference to a reoccurring unit: the link. Or better than a string of pearls!

The results are as varied and imaginative as the makers, some are vibrant, others elegant and restrained with simple coloured lines.The artists have explored the theme in gold, titanium, silver, aluminium, glass, wood, recycled signs, all with an over riding link of movement as they beautifully fit the body.

A real chain of events now showing at Bilk Gallery – Alice Potter, Blanche Tilden, Jill Hermans, Johannes Kuhnen, Mark Vaarwerk, Maureen Faye-Chauhan, Michelle Taylor, Nellie Peoples, Phoebe Porter, Sarah Murphy, Sophia Emmett, Sean O’Connell, Tracy Pateman

Opened Friday 12 April until 18 May 2013

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