Bloom and Blush – Peta Kruger and Kath Inglis

by bilkgallery


Bloom and Blush

A colourful new collection of works by Adelaide based jewellers, Peta Kruger and Kath Inglis. The artists have worked through their respective materials of metal and plastic to create wearable blooms of pattern and colour.

ʻThe flora that I feel most acquainted with is not from nature but from decorative patterns found at home – on textiles, illustrations, ceramics, glassware and other costume jewellery, which make reference to their original source but grow and change over time with different fashions and materials. These motifs form the basis of a botanical collection of my own.ʼ – Peta Kruger 

ʻIn recent times, the carving tools that fit ever so well in my hands are often replaced with domestic tools. The steam iron, sandwich press and oven are ʻnew toolsʼ that offer new processes of heat and fusion to my work.

Mulitcoloured collages of cut and carved PVC form into patterns of growth – a two-speed economy ranging from the curious growth-like plodding pieces to dynamic explosions of boom and bust. – Kath Inglis