Bilk On Tour

by bilkgallery

BILK ON TOUR! The Incinerator Gallery is a venue that is owned and operated by the Moonee Valley City Council. Designed by Walter Burley Griffin, it is a building of the upmost significance to Australian architecture. It represents an innovative design solution to the technological and environmental problems facing local communities in the late 1920s.

Now a dedicated gallery for visual art, the exhibition program at the Incinerator Gallery tries to capture that sense of ‘Burley Griffin innovation’ in contemporary visual art and design, and Bilk on Tour is an important part of that program. In this exhibition we are able to present some of the most important designers, artists and craftspeople working in Australia at this moment in time. It offers the visitor a broad survey of contemporary practices that ranges from established masters with international reputations and decades of experience behind them, all the way through to emerging practitioners that have found support from Bilk Gallery.

ARTIST: Alice Potter, Alison Jackson, Carlier Makigawa, Christopher Robertson, Cinnamon Lee, Dore Stockhausen, Eliza Gregerson, Eugenie Keefer Bell, Sophia Emmett, Helen Aitken-Kuhnen, Janice Vitkovsky, Jess Dare, Jill Hermans, Johannes Kuhnen, Kath Inglis, Kirstie Rea, Lan Nguyen-hoan, Marcus Foley, Mark Edgoose, Mark Vaarwerk, Mel Douglas, Tanja Taglietti, Mio Kuhnen, Mel George, Melissa Cameron, Michelle Taylor, Nicholas Bastin, Clare Belfrage, Tom Rowney, Sarah Rothe, Scott Chaseling, Klaus Moje, Simon Cottrell, Sarah Murphy, Ximena Natanya Briceño, Sue Lorraine, Vicki Mason, Robert Foster.