V n X Filigree to Flora – works by Vicki Mason & Ximena Briceno

by bilkgallery

VnX Filigree to Flora – works by Vicki Mason & Ximena Briceno

An inspiring collection of works formed by artists Vicki Mason and Ximena Briceno through traditional and contemporary techniques to express feelings of identity, origin and migration.

Vicky Mason’s pieces combine three different strands of research, from the decorative motifs of Australian colonial jewellery, to the chinoiserie motifs used on ironstone china and local endemic plants from south-east Melbourne.

Vicky continues to be enthralled by plants as a subject matter and stories they tell about our lives and the societies. Her pieces are a way of embracing the decorative nature of plant forms of Australia and their imported origins to tell a personal story. This story speaks to ideas associated with migration, complexity, abundance, diversity, identity, hybridity and belonging through a vocabulary of ornamental plant forms.

Ximena Briceño tells another story, one that looks to explore the historical practice of filigree and the use of 21st century technologies.

Her pieces challenge our concept of filigree as she creates three-dimensional drawings using non-traditional materials such as titanium, monel, and silver. Ximena’s silver filigree objects and jewellery have a layered complex history involving trade, migration, and a visual vocabulary of patterns.

Her titanium filigree is  contemporary filigree for the 21st century, through the application of new materials like titanium, and processes like laser welding and anodising, to create the pieces.  The filigree works are ‘metal lace-like’ three-dimensional drawings.’