Fractured View – Dore Stockhausen July 22 to August 19

by bilkgallery

When people say it’s a crazy world, they’re not kidding. Think about it: one minute you think you’ve nailed the order of things, seeing the sophisticated symmetry, the tidy arrangements that reassure you of structure, that all is well. The next moment, a curve ball hurtles into your vision and chaos reigns.

Nature is the ultimate regulator and simultaneously the anarchist throwing everything into turmoil, the magician of pandemonium. It’s impossible to separate the two, despite the early temptation as Dore approached the theme of chaos and order. Initially she thought it best to create separate pieces; some representing the human effort that inevitably falls into a state of chaos and others that signify nature’s ability to effortlessly create ordered perfection.

It didn’t take me long to realize that my approach was flawed; my perspective fractured.   It’s impossible to separate the two because chaos and order are symbiotic.”  said Dore

Each piece in this collection is a miniature world that translates the concept of Dore’s fractured view into metal, enamel and gemstones. We hope you enjoy the journey.

enamelled rings